A Numbers Game (@ The Everygirl)

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“Allow me let you in on a little secret. That number is just a number and it does not mean anything.”

She stretches as she wakes up. The amazing type of soreness from a killer workout makes her crave a hot shower. She hasn’t missed a workout all week, and as she passes the mirror in the bathroom she proudly checks out her backside–the work is paying off. She’s not dodging her reflection for the first time in decades, so as the bathroom fogs up from her shower she does a mental happy dance, carefully steps on the scale–angels are singing, the number blinks back at her. Check that. Angels are now shouting “WHAAAT??!!” Now, we all know far too well how this story can end. She’s either up a pound, she’s only down a half of a pound, or the scale didn’t even budge. She was expecting a number far different than that terrible machine spit out. Instantly she’s panicking. She’s rethinking her entire week…. Read more


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